Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Straker in Subiaco..

Walking along Rockeby Road in Subiaco a few weeks ago to my delight I came across the mural here on the wall of Zuma Originals, designer fashion and swimwear. I couldn't see a signature but I really didn't need one, there is only one street artist that I know of in Perth who uses the 'neon glow' technique.. the uniquely eye-catching style of muralist Drew Straker who's work you have seen here many times, super cool don't you think! Hope your week is off to a good start, happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dogs Day Out 2017..

Such a treat.. yesterday morning on a perfect autumn day we went for the first time to enjoy the City of Joondalup's annual Dogs Day Out.. it was incredible to see how many Perthites were out in force with their four legged fur babies.. all amazingly well behaved, the dogs that is :) They danced, rolled over, fetched.. under the watchful eye of their proud humans. Of course we came away thinking it was time we went to the rescue shelter to pick a four legged addition to the family.. we'll see how that goes :) Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay..

We were in the city last night to sample the many delights of the Night Noodle Markets (video) at Elizabeth Quay. It's impossible to pass up an opportunity to take a few shots of the bridge lit up at night.. to get the shot above I had to click in the one instant that there were no humans in the way :) the white specks in the sky below were birds, so many birds! 

Looking over to the city from the bridge it's not clearly visible just how many people were heartily munching away over there :)

The Duyfken has been moored and open for tours at Elizabeth Quay since November last year, she will be pulling up anchor and departing on 4th April.. pity, she looks good sitting there at the quay..

Already busy when we arrived, by the time we left it felt so good to head away from the crowds. There's a nice atmosphere at Elizabeth Quay and one of these days I will surprise you with a shot of me eating that hat I seem to remember saying I would :) but for now I'm too full of noodles.. Happy Sunday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. big catch up today..

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cansumerist reflections..

Just when you thought I was fini with Sculpture by the Sea :) There is more to 'Cansumerism' than first meets the eye! Created by WA contemporary visual artists Hayley Bahr and Tim Keevil using recycled metals, perspex and printing equipment 'this evolving sculpture is a fully functioning printmaking studio. Inside lies a hammock for contemplation, a printmaking press and all the materials to create prints from etched recycled drink cans'. Even before discovering these internal workings this is an eye-catching, message sending sculpture lying semi-crushed on Cottesloe beach! Happy weekend, take care and stay safe...

Friday, March 24, 2017

'A good golf partner is one who's always a little bit worse than you are'..

That would be me, except it wouldn't be a little bit worse it would be abysmally worse.. I've only ever played three games of golf many years ago, to cut a painful story short I don't have the temperament for it, which is a shame because P loves it :) That doesn't mean to say I don't appreciate the sight of a beautifully designed and maintained golf course. Took these shots very early yesterday morning at the Araluen Golf Resort (good coffee) for all the keen golfers out there you can see the golf course flyover video here.. you will enjoy the view!

It was a rainy, cloudy overcast day but when the sun burst through for short spells the greens and surrounding trees looked amazing.. surprisingly few golfers out on the course..

This I think is the ninth hole below, I watched three balls successfully sail over the lake to land on the putting green, of the fourth ball there was nothing to be seen but ripples on the water.. didn't see any golf clubs go flying through the air :)

Below the same group of four teeing off for the second nine, clubhouse in the background. Have you ever looked at the word GOLF backwards..  just saying :) No, seriously I do get it.. it's an every game challenge between you and that little white ball with only one winner, but the fresh air, walking and companionship are all good! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. 'the size of the divot is directly proportional to the frustration felt'.. sound familiar :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Here's the sting!.

Christopher Robin I think the bees suspect something
Perhaps they think you're after their honey
Well, it may be that. You never can tell with bees..
 I remember a few years ago in summer we had a real problem with bees in the swimming pool. Attracted to the water in the hot weather they would end up desperately clinging on to anything to get out, the anything quite often being swimmers.. if you've ever been stung you know it's not fun :) On investigating it was found that someone in the neighborhood was keeping beehives, a definite no-no in residential areas. Problem solved when said neighbours moved the hives out to a rural location. I spotted this swarm of bees high up in a tree while looking for birds, not great shots (minus long lens) but look at all those very important little workers swarming away up there.. they kind of give me the creeps en masse like this but I know without them we would be up the creek without a paddle :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe... P.s. wee bit different from the belly dancers yesterday :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bollywood in the city...

We were in the city on Thursday last week to enjoy the cultural diversities of Harmony Week in 140 William. Diversities that included $5.00 truly tasty street eats.. the Bollywood/belly dancing, African drummers and Chinese lion dancers were an unexpected (to me) treat. Focused on food :) it was the music that alerted me to get my camera ready, music followed by a flurry of blue and white swirling silk capes opening to reveal dancers from Bollywood Dhamaka..

The combined super shimmying sent my camera into multi-exposure:)

A triumphant  finale..

... before disappearing into the crowds from whence they came! It was exciting to watch and almost impossible not to wiggle one's hips to the hypnotic beat.. you should have been there :) Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

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